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UBot 3: The Send Email Command
Posted by Miriam M-B on 18 December 2010 03:19 PM

The send email command is for people who are sending emails directly from their server email address. This command works only if you have a server side email address you send emails from. When you drag the command into the script, this is what you will see:

the different fields within the send email parameter

You have several fields to fill in order for the command to work. These fields are:

Enter Server: The server on which your email address resides. (comes in the form of “ or “like”)

Enter Username: This refers to the username you use to gain access into the server for emailing purposes.

Enter Password: This refers to the password you use to gain access into your server for emailing purposes.

 Enter To: The email address you are sending the email to.

Enter From: The email address you are sending the email from.

Enter subject: The subject of your email.

Enter message: The email message you are trying to send.

 When you input all of the information, your script should look like this:

You can add a list of email addresses to a list and place a $next list item in the Send To field creating a mass emailer. Don’t forget a set list position command with the position set to zero. It would look like the following image:


 Place the send email command in a loop command to send the message to all the emails on the list. Make the loop loop according to the total emails on the emails list.


SMTP’s are fine to use with this command.

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