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UBot 3: Creating Javascript Pop-Ups
Posted by Miriam M-B on 18 December 2010 03:33 PM
This is a simple short suggestion on how to create pop up boxes within your bot to add smooth flowing qualify to the way your bot is organized and who it works. You can find the run javascript command under the action commands in UBot Studio. Drag the command in the script. In the parameter window that pops up, type the following:

alert("Please Sign In");

What will pop up after you run the script will be this:

You can add anything you want into the run javascript command. Usernames, Variables, numbers (list totals) or whatever you need to bring to attention within your bot. Here is an example of a pop up with a variable, which has been set to a user name.

 Do not forget to as a ; at the end of your javascript command. The user name will not change when you run the script.

 Run javascript is a wonderful way to guide your bot’s users through the processes within your bot.

 *TIP* If you want the rest of the bot to keep running while the dialog box is up, simple put the run javascript command in a thread command (found under flow commands). That will bring up the dialog box while everything else continues on.

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