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Sample Codes and Scripts for UBot 3
Posted by Miriam M-B on 27 December 2010 07:03 PM

Change Proxy Sample Script: Insert a file containing your list of proxies along with the port in the list from file constant and run the bot. The script will change the proxy and navigate to a wesbite that allows you to see what your proxy is.


Creating .txt Files Sample Script: You do not need to insert any files. This script will create named .txt files in your document folder. The script will search for a term, go to the results page, and fill each named file with the results of each page.


Using the Evaluate Qualifier With Table Sample Script: Use the browse button on the UI to find your csv file. Make sure your table is filled with numbers. (1 through 10 for example) Type a number into the field labeled Value on the UI of the script. That value will be compared to the number in the table cell and will determine where the script navigates to. You can change the row an column within the evaluate qualifier to compare different values.


Evaluate with Run Javascript Sample Script: This script is comparing two values and use the run javascript command to create a pop up. Different messages will pop up for each result. You can change the value for the first Set command to see the outcome.


Filling Fields with Tables Sample Script: You will create a table from file by clicking the browse button in the UI. When the script is run, you will see the script filling the field with each item from your table. The loop will run accordin to how many rows are in your table.


Form Filler Sample Script: This script will fill a form at the playground page.


If Then Else Command with the Contains Qualifier Sample Script: The contains qualifier will be looking at an element, checking for another specific element. In this case, we have a number: 123456

and we are looking to see if 456 is contained within 123456

If it is, then the script navigates to Else the script navigates to

You can replace that number with a list item, and create a conditional statment to deal with the results.


The Replace Constant Sample Script: You will load in a file containing a listof urls or names, whatever you want into the read file constant in the Set command. You will then scroll down to the script and type in the search item you want to replace under search in the replace constant within the second set command.

The replace constant will find that item and replace it with nothing as stated by the nothing constant.


The Return Value Constant Sample Script:The return value constant in this example is filling a field with the results of a sub that is calculating the sum of 2 numbers. You can change the values within the


The Run Sub Command Sample Script: This script is simply demonstrating how to run a sub after creating it. You can change the commands within the sub to see the results.


The UI List Box Command Sample Script: This script simply fills a field with an element you select within the UI in the UI list box. You can change the values within the UI list box by editing the UI list box command within the script and chnaging the string.


The UI CheckBox Sample Script: This script will navigate to different websites, depending on whether or not the check box is checked or not. Simply check the check box and uncheck it to see the differing reactions.


The Setting Variables and Run Javascript Sample Script: This script will set a first name, and lastname to a variable and create a javascript pop up with the names. Simple type in some names in the Ui and run the script to see the results.


The Find Sites in SERPS Sample Script: This script looks for a specific website in the  search results.  Once it locates it, it navigates to that site and the script stops. Simply type in the number of loops you want the script to run for within the UI.

The Maps Sample Script: This script will search for businesses or locations in a maps and save the information it finds to your computer. It will then display the results within your browser after the search is over. Simply type in the keyword you want to look for in the UI and then press play to run the script.


The Password Generator Sample Script: This simple script will navigate to the simple forms page at the UBot Playground page and create a random password for you using the spin constant. It will then display the generated password with the UI html panel.


The Click Dialog Button Sample Script: This simple script  will click a button that brings up a dialog.The button will then be clicked by inserting the click button command inside the thread command, so that when the dialog pops up, everything else after that click button can move forward smootly.


The Filling Field with a List Sample Script:

Simply browse for the file you want with the browse button on the interface. The About Me field will be filled with each item from your list, one by one until the end of the list.


The Choose by Regular Expression Sample Script:

Simply browse for the file you want to save the urls to. Type in your keyword on the interface and run the script. The urls will be saved to the file you chose using the browse button on the interface.

The Return Command Sample Script:

Simply run the bot. The search field on the default page in the UBot browser should be filled with the word "Hello", which is the item we want returned in the sub titled "talula"


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