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UBot 3: Clearing Cookies and Refreshing a page
Posted by Miriam M-B on 06 April 2011 10:14 AM

To clear your cookies and refresh the page you clear the cookies on, drag in the clear cookies command from under the Action commands.

Add a delay command from under the flow commands. Place the delay command below the clear cookies command.

Go to the Action commands and drag in the run javascript command. When the parameter window pops up, type in the following javascript: 




Click ok to return to the script.


When your run the script, the script should progress in this order:


A. Cookies should be cleared. The page shouldn't do anything to show that.

B. There should be a delay for however many seconds your set the delay to.

C. The page should refresh. If you were logged into a page, the website will prompt you to sign in again.


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