UBot Studio 4.0: Adding a list From File
Posted by Miriam M-B on 14 December 2011 11:43 AM

Let’s go over how to add a list from a list in a file on your computer and input the contents into a field.

You can practice inputting the contents into a field at

-Go under the Data Commands within your Tool Box. Find the Add List to List command and drag the command into your script. 

Add list to list

- After dragging the command into the scripting area, give your list a name under Starting List. Under the Advanced tab within the command, decide if you want the list to Delete Duplicates (Yes or No). Go under the Variable functions, and find the $list from file function. Drag it under the text box under “List to Add:” 

list from file function

- Click the small browse button in the list from file function and select the file you are trying to create a list with. Click OK.

-On the simple form practice page, pick a field to fill your list item with. Click and drag the field into your script. When the type text command appears, go under the variable functions and select the $ list item function.

list item function

Drag the function into the place that says “Text to Type”. Select the list you created from file, and click ok until all commands closed. When you run the bot, the field will be filled with an item from the list you created from file.

 text to type within loop

You can put the process in a loop command if you want to repeat the process.

Instead of typing in the number of loops you want the loop to run, go under the variable functions and select the $list total function. That means you are telling the loop to run according to how many items are in the list.


Don’t forget your wait commands to slow down the process and to allow tasks to finish before moving on to others within the script!

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Glenn Hughes
22 December 2011 09:30 PM
very helpful
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