UBot Studio 4.0 : Quick Tutorial on Changing Proxies
Posted by Miriam M-B on 20 December 2011 04:46 PM

Let’s say you are trying to create accounts, and you want to be able to change your IP every time you finish creating a new account in a loop.

 Here is a quick tutorial on how to use your proxies. 

To switch proxies, you will need to have a list of proxies scraped or saved in a file somewhere on your computer. You will then load the file into a list in UBot Studio. Go under Data Commands.

 Select the Add List to List Command, and name your list. 


add list to list


Go to under Variable functions and click and drag the $list from file function into the List to Add field within the Add List to List command. After you have loaded your proxies into a list, you will go under the Settings Commands and select the Change Proxy Command.




That command will go inside your account creation loop. You will then go to the Variable Functions again and find the $Next List Item function.

 Click and drag the next list item function into the field in the Change Proxy command labeled “Proxy”.


next list item in change proxy


Click OK. Go under Data Commands again and choose the Set List Position command. Under position, type the number zero. 

Choose the list you created for the proxies. Put the Set List Position Command right before your account creation loop, outside of the loop. 

Place the everything, with the exception of the Set List Position command, the Add to List command, the Clear List command (to clean and repopulate the list every time you run your bot) and the clear cookies command (to clear your cookies every time you loop and switch proxies), within a loop command (You can find the Loop command in your tool box under the Flow commands). 

Do not type in the number of times you want the loop to run in the loop command under number of cycles. Go under your variable functions and select the $list total function.

 Choose the list you created for the proxy list from the drop down menu in the list total fucntion. This means that the loop will run equal to the amount of items in your proxy list.

list total


Your script should look like this in the end.


script completed

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Derek Benjamin
13 February 2013 04:51 AM
Good, quick tutorial. Can be used in a variance of instances.
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